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Abroad net is deep for a time: England " ban " China to convert day of









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Data chart: Getty
Just eliminated China for 5G, england " go to somewhere for shelter " Japanese enterprise? " Japanese economy news " 18 days of reports, instantly flower government is converting Japan, request help builds 5G network. Analytic personage points out, with China photograph of the equipment that it is 5G is compared, relevant day look forward to is not put in the advantage of the respect such as the price and safety. Public opinion thinks, england cooperates the United States to hit control company of Chinese science and technology, "The watch is faithful " the trace is apparent, meaning consolidating " flower beauty special relationship " , nevertheless also many people raise doubt to cornerstone of politics of fringe of this one ground.
Prohibiting to British government China help construction 5G network to had put forward to need its to Japanese respect after the technology, spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed on routine press conference on July 20, flower square " fall in the circumstance of solid without anything foundation and authentic evidence, violate market rule and fair competition principle, the specific company of repellent and specific country, even excuse country is safe, make trade of the state-owend enterprise outside pressing by hook and crook, the person cooperates to cut off. Do a meeting to damage self interest and reputation so, the development of block up complete mankind and progress " .
"British government is in China get chaos for the processing on the problem "
" Japanese economy news " divulge, british official announces 14 days to ban in the government with China after be two days, interview in Tokyo include Japan home security to ensure safety of network of bureau, nation incident reorganize and outfit and strategic center inside delegate of Japanese government orgnaization, seek cooperation. The report says, british official shows to Japanese official in Tokyo, japanese electric company (NEC) connect with Fuji (Fujitsu) the group may be replaced China for, become the supplier of equipment of British 5G network.
Analytic personage expresses, meaning of British this action is in introduce Japanese equipment supplier, establish a letter with Swedish love (Ericsson) the Nuojiya with Finland (Nokia) the business that waits for tycoon of other west science and technology to be in England develops competition, in order to promote the low cost product that development fits British telecommunication company to use. It is reported, china for, love establishs letter, Nuojiya 3 companies controlled global 5G the market of nearly 80% , and company of Japanese electric equipment and Fuji connect control scale to be less than 1% .
Nevertheless, " Asian times " notice, china bed 5G product is cheaper than Japanese product 30% to 40% . Message personage says, japanese electric company and Fuji are connected wait for a company to may obtain brushstroke government to help fund, wait with the device that uses at developing place of 5G radical station. If Japanese company can satisfy British character to ask to offer par product, the market that Japanese company may expand in England quite is had rate.
Although British government try every means is reduced,ban with China for brought influence, but the loss still avoids hard. New science and technology of American Masschusetts Institute of Technology invests project instructor wheat to overcome · Davis to express, england is right China the bed day that decides to be able to let oneself only passes uncomfortably, raise network operation cost, also cannot bring the profit of network safety at the same time.

British netizen is directer the dissatisfaction that expressed oneself. The netizen expresses, "British government is in China get chaos for the processing on the problem. Be in the United States apply pressure below, england is forced to decide taboo China serve for product and chip. And Germany also with China to established firmer connection, building 5G + special network! British politician knows what themselves did scarcely. British politician knows what themselves did scarcely..
"Special relationship " reliable really?
Use about banning China the reason of the equipment that it is 5G, of British government making known one's position is existence all the time " safe risk " . Chancellery Chinese takes an examination of British sanitation Ke Jian says, this country is the decision that makes independently. However, england " observation home signs up for " explode 18 days however makings say, british government official tells under the counter China for, bring to bear on in Telangpu after enormous pressure, ground fringe politics had certain effect.

American president Telangpu and British premier make an appointment with writing to inferior (data chart: Reuter)
Long-term since, ying Meicun is in " special relationship " . The data that British government released on July 10 shows, england is in 2019 attracted new project of 1852 foreign investment to 2020 money year. The United States remains the biggest source that the foreign country invests directly, provided 462 projects and 20131 works station. Chancellery of British international trade Lici Telasi (Liz Truss) express, british government tomorrow will deepen the economy with main investment source concern, for example the United States, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
However, plant to this " special relationship " medium imparity, british public opinion looks clearly. England " defend a newspaper " columnist pulls Bell of Fei Er · (Rafael Behr) point out in the article, any British premier are met first consideration and United States build safe alliance, is not reach commercial agreement with China. Dan Yaohan inferiors is to face this to plant directly naked the premier of the choice, and his trade policy also is a piece of white paper only, telangpu is that takes put pen to paper (write regulation) person.
In British London king Kerry Braun of dean of academic China academy looks, london respect has a kind of hypothesis, refuse namely China to will be regarded as a kind of faithful move by Washington, and the position in can helping the England after Europe consolidate its encircle alliance in burgeoning English. "The problem is, is British choosing right (in horse race) horse? " he says to CNN, the United States is mixed in politics apparently at present economically face enormous challenge.
To the course of action of British government one's own wishful thinking, sinology of institute of London university king considers to teach Kerry Braun (Kerry Brown) not without anxious, he expresses, before the battle royal of American general election that can foreknow, england so do be not without the risk. "The United States is in at present political and economically apparent facing enormous challenge. England so do correct? " Chinese respect also won't apathetic, produce the communication that waits for a domain in economy to Sino-British two countries the effect.

" financial times " print article " Sino-British relation: From " golden age " freeze to deepness "
"Should we go which fend? "Should we go which fend??
Security of state of British government pretext makes trade of the state-owend enterprise in pressing by hook and crook, this lets Sino-British relation worsen continuously. England " financial times " with " Sino-British relation: From " golden age " freeze to deepness " point out for the problem, england is sealed ban China to indicating two countries relation enters new low. Ministerial minister the other party gets · before article cite England Mandeersen (Peter Mandelson) if ask, "If we realise American economy is run with the means of protectionism, so whether do we keep apart our as biggest as the world growth origin China even come? (such word) should we go which fend? (such word) should we go which fend??
In · of Jim of secretary of state of the Ministry of finance before England O'Neil (Jim O'Neill) look, england " undertake with China cut takes off Europe process like England a bit, in making oneself are immersed in the predicament that ego forces " . He thinks, this is to destroying the policy that has obtained great economy achievement, be in up to 10 years to 2018 in, england is right China exit is added to 3 times. "Look into economic future of England, must consider what country is on the world with us closely related. Must consider what country is on the world with us closely related..
CNN thinks, sino-British relation " golden age " or will terminative.
According to the data of American enterprise institute, in going 10 years, china exceeded 81 billion dollar in British investment and contract total value. An analysis of Cambridge Econometrics of British economy research organization makes clear, sino-British relation supported England 100 thousand many jobs, tourist of China of this main profit from and Chinese student the expenditure of billions of dollar.
Network of news of American cable television (CNN) cite consults project of Asia-Pacific of tower Mu company advanced and advisory Dimu Samosi (Tim Summers) the viewpoint points out, england is right China bed ban " overturned England is all previous the policy since the government is long-term, these policy try to attract Chinese company to invest in England. His complement says, in the light of China bed ban may make other China company fear political element is right the influence of investment, hesitate not to become aware when investing to England thereby. (Zhang Min the law is treated)

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